Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blog Power

Ben Goldacre, in his wonderful Bad Science column in the Guardian, has today done a piece on my earlier blog on yoga in a bottle (25th October), with a nice riff on my mention of evening classes.
OK, so I invited him to take a look at my blog posting. But it has helped to convince me that blogging can be more than the 21st century version of vanity publishing.
By the way, the colour ad for 'yoga in a bottle' appeared in the Observer. The Observer is owned by the Guardian who publish the Bad Science column. Almost restores your faith in the British press.


Talking of the Observer, I enjoyed this correction published on Sunday:

"'Sack the hairdresser and throw away the brush' suggested working 'a little mouse' through your hair. While this would achieve the required tousled look, a little mousse would prove less troublesome."


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