Saturday, October 30, 2004

Meet Harry

With Halloween approaching, meet Harry the Spider, or 'Arry the Arachnid if you want to be nauseatingly whimsical. He's lived on the outside of my kitchen window for the past two months. Mostly he just hangs around waiting for something to turn up. So that's something we have in common. But he often disappears for several hours and I think a bird has eaten him and I can clean my window again. However, he always returns to his web by dusk. Again like me, he likes to spend his evenings at home.
But where does he go on these daytime jaunts? Does he maintain other webs in the garden and is busy with network repairs? Or is he out on the pull, or attending web design conferences with the myriad spiders who live on the ivy-clad wall?
I feel quite sorry for his hand-to-mouth existence. Last night he had to watch me rustling up a very good Chicken Pasanda while he faced another night in a web bereft of flies. "Life's a bitch, Harry old mate", I said as I lowered the blind.


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you to death for this post, it was BEAUTIFUL!

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