Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blog Bytes

The local paper now seems to be reporting things before they happen.
They had a placard which said:
It would be nice to think this tip-off enabled him to avoid this fate but I fear his life was lost along with those missing hyphens.


Following Ofcom's ruling that 'Morning Wood' was obscene (see Censorship Sucks), I am now investigating whether the Beatles classic 'Norwegian Wood' was in fact a paen to Scandinavian pornography.


The Guardian's David Aaronovitch has broken ranks with his fellow journalists and echoed my own comments about Lynda Lee-Potter. Cutting through all the cant, he concludes "she was the epitome of all that is most shitty about British middle-market journalism." You can read the full piece here.


Still in Middle England territory, John Peel, DJ and presenter, has died. He was, we are told, able 'to speak to Middle England', if not for it. I never really liked Mr Ravenscroft (as he really was), a public schoolboy who discovered he had a Liverpool accent even though he had never lived there. His very popular programme 'Home Truths' rounded up every pub bore in England and put them on the radio. Still, the nation owes him a debt for his promotion of punk. I was too old to pogo and spit but I always thought there was something joyous about the punk versions of 'My Way' and 'God Save the Queen'.


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