Thursday, October 21, 2004

You Couldn't Make It Up part1

A couple making love in Stanley, Durham, accidentally dialled 999 by rolling on a mobile phone whilst making love and were startled when police rushed into the room. Sadly, my paper doesn't give any more detail or quotes from the parties involved. But if the couple had their video camera running the footage should turn up on the internet before long.

The Great Bustards recently re-introduced to Salisbury Plain were given "fox aversion therapy" by having high-powered water jets squirted at them when confronted by a tame fox. It wasn't a complete success. Two have been found with their heads bitten off by an untame fox. Poor Bustards.
Of course the young Bustards may have enjoyed being squirted with water rather as young humans enjoy playing with garden hoses on hot summer days and been filled with joyful anticipation when they saw Mr Fox bearing down on them. Psychological therapies have their limitations.


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