Friday, October 22, 2004

These Boots Are Made For Vibrating

Boots are going to start selling sex aids. Lateral thinking, I suppose. They already sell batteries.
It's another example of how what used to be regarded as the wilder fringes of sexuality have become mainstream.
At the same time, Boots have announced they will no longer provide dentistry or chiropidy. Some may question their priorities. You might not feel much like shagging if you're suffering with toothache or an ingrowing toenail, although it might take your mind off it.


I've been infesting the Channel 4 Green Wing message boards. This is a new comedy that either leaves you cold or you think is a work of genius. Last night I started a thread about the best visual gags in the show. There are already 27 replies. I've had two of my quotes from the show corrected by people who must have taped and transcribed it - unless the writers are going there incognito.
I try to avoid message boards now because they can take over your life. I once got into an interminable argument with some Christians about homosexuality which was pointless because you can't debate rationally with people in the grip of an irrational belief. It was also stressful to have to remain polite to them and to be subjected to that nauseating bilge that they loved me as a person whilst insisting that what I do with my penis will condemn me to everlasting damnation.
But message boards are a good place to have some fun sharing your enthusiasm for a TV programme with people of the same impeccable taste.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger james henry said...

Yes, I'm trying to go cold turkey on various forums, as they're rapidly threatening to take over my every waking moment. Have resisted temptation to go on anonymously and drop hints to end of series though. Must... get on... with life...

Nice to see someone taking the 'Middle England' tag away from the L.L.Potters of this world. You weren't too hard on her in my opinion: she wrote some deeply unpleasant things on subjects she clearly knew nothing about, and until you pointed it out, the neat irony of the brain tumour had completely passed me by. I'm all for not speaking ill of the dead, but by the same token, let's not raise the mediocre into sainthood. When did the ability to speak on behalf of a large proportion of narrow-minded sanctimonious bigots become something worth celebrating?

At 3:47 PM, Blogger Willie Lupin said...

Yes, James, as you obviously have a life you have no excuse for wasting time in forums (although you're always welcome here). Besides, you need to crack on with the second series and that apocryphal DVD. The Green Wing forums are becoming a bit tedious to me. So many people are obsessed with the 'love interest'. To me this just provides a rudimentary plot framework on which to hang all the funny business. It has no interest in itself.
I'm hoping the 'Middle England' tag might lure in a few unsuspecting people hoping to indulge in some metaphorical mutual masturbation about the horrors of political correctness and smutty so-called comedies on Channel 4....oh what a tangled web we can weave on the internet (gives evil chuckle).


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