Friday, March 07, 2008


Did you know that 'sausage' could be a verb as well as a noun?
I heard this on the radio this week:
"The choice was whether to re-house her or sausage her".
No, it isn't a new sexual euphimism. It was a pig breeder talking about one of her animals.

Meanwhile, my newsagent is advertising for Paperboys. Except they're not. The sign says: "Home News Delivery Staff Wanted".
'Paperboys' is undoubtedly both ageist and sexist. But I'm puzzled as to why 'Home News' has to replace 'Newspaper'.
But I suppose it's a small miracle that, in the current climate of fear about children's safety, young children are still allowed to cycle round the houses at dawn and dusk.
On Radio Four this week, a reporter managed to invent the word 'arbatorium' when what she meant was 'arboretum'. It would have been a sackable offence in the days of Lord Reith and Alvar Liddell.
Perhaps an 'arbatorium' is a place where dead trees are cremated?


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