Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Crap From Cyber-Boy Cameron

Here's posh Tory Boy David Cameron writing about the internet in yesterday's Guardian:

"It is transforming our political culture and putting people firmly in control. [Oh, really?]
There are hundreds of millions of blogs, each is its own newspaper with a potential readership of billions."

The key word there, as my fellow bloggers will know, is 'potential'.
How many blogs have a readership in the thousands or even hundreds, never mind billions?
(By the way, Dave, that comma after 'blogs' should be either a full stop, a semi-colon or a colon. But it's not your fault you were sent to a sink school like Eton).

But there's more bollocks to come:
"..........contrary to popular belief, young people are getting more and more involved in politics. Networking sites are bringing millions together in the name of common interests such as global poverty or climate change...........last week, we [The Conservatives] launched our new ad campaign on Facebook."

It takes just a few clicks to add your name to some worthy group on a social networking site like Facebook. I wouldn't call that political activity.
A few years ago every other teenager seemed to be wearing a wristband that denoted something like 'Make Poverty History'. Groups on networking sites are a similar form of gesture politics, harmless but impotent.

I'm sure that many young people get involved in more active, non-virtual political activity but most politicians seem unable to distinguish between the two things. So you increasingly find politicians stating that a particular Facebook group has 3,000 members as though that actually meant anything.
If the political class (including Cameron) could ignore at least one million people marching through London against the Iraq war, are they really going to sit up and do something in response to what people are saying on social networking sites?

Cameron claims that 'his generation' understand the internet and are adapting to the 'new politics'. But every time a politician starts spouting this kind of gibberish it just proves that they don't really get it at all.


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