Sunday, February 24, 2008

Always Room At The Inn

Not for the first time viewers will have decided that the Rovers Return is as deceptive as the Tardis: it's a small backstreet pub on the outside but with as many bedrooms as a medium-sized hotel.

With Liz and Vernon and Steve, Michelle, Ryan and Amy already living there, one would think there was no spare capacity. But then young Alex moves in and doesn't even have to sleep on the couch. I assume he's not sharing with Ryan because of the animosity between them. So, if Amy has her own bedroom, we're now up to five bedrooms, two of them doubles.
From the external views of the pub this is simply not feasible, unless they have secretly tunnelled through into Ken and Deirdre's attic. Didn't Les Battersby once do that and when Ken went to investigate he fell through the ceiling and ended up in a threesome with Leanne and Nick?
I may have got some of those details wrong so rely on more nerdy Corrie fans to correct me.

It was always easy to spot the Corrie actors who had just returned from holiday because their complexions were ghostly white. Unless an overseas holiday had been written into the script, the make-up department would smother their sun tans with white make-up.
However, this week David Platt, who hadn't been anywhere, suddenly appeared with a dark tan in the middle of the Manchester winter.
This time they resorted to a new tactic. When his girlfriend Tina remarked on his tan, David said he had been to a tanning salon. This sounded like a late addition to the script. I never had David down as the type of boy to go to tanning salons and, in a street where all the other boys have the skin colour of a maggot, why would David want to look as though someone had dipped his head in a tin of Ronseal?


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Betty said...

I visited the Granada Studios in the days when it was possible to see the Street set, which is incredibly small. The actors must be of lilliputian size. I've no idea how so many of them manage to live in the Rovers - perhaps the cellar has been part converted?

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Willie Lupin said...

Betty, the cellar has been turned into a den by Vernon, where he can skive off work. And when the characters go to bed they all go up the stairs.
I saw the set before the days of tours. You had to peer through a hole in a fence in a back street of Manchester.


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