Monday, January 07, 2008

Just In Case

If posts are less frequent in the coming months, it's not because I've turned my back on blogging again. It's because I'm moving house.
I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm a hoarder, so I now face the mother of all de-clutter operations.

I ventured into the attic yesterday to survey the Herculean task that confronts me. Hoarders should not have attics because they offer a final opt-out from ever actually chucking anything out - at least, until the ceiling collapses.
I found in the attic an old, broken electric kettle. Helpfully, a label on the box said 'KETTLE. SLIGHT LEAK.'
What was I thinking of?
If my current kettle had broken, would I have said "No need to buy a new kettle! I will make the precarious ascent to the attic to fetch a kettle that will leak all over the work-top and quite possibly electrocute me too."
I think I can confidently say that I wouldn't, not least because I had no idea it was there.

My new property has no attic, which is good news. No more struggling to squeeze bulky household items through a small, square hole in the ceiling whilst reciting the hoarder's mantra 'Just In Case'.
But the withdrawal symptoms will be terrible. I'll probably need counselling.


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