Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have A Good One...........

........what a useful, non-specific, portmanteau phrase that is. Better even than 'Season's Greetings'.
So, whatever 'one' you're having - and even if you're celebrating the birth of a child to two homeless asylum seekers 2,000 years ago - may I wish you, all my readers old and new, a very good time.

There may be postings over the holiday period but today I am entertaining my nonagenarian father. This week he told me an interesting tiny snippet of social history. When going to the cinema as a child to watch the then silent films he would always walk down the middle of the wide central aisle. This was because elderly people who couldn't read would sit in an aisle seat, grab any passing child, sit them down next to them and make them read out the subtitles throughout the film.

Anyway, I must now brave the rain and venture into the Lupin Towers herb garden (established by monks in the 15th century) to see if I can find any parsley for garnishing. Last week all I returned with was some empty Fosters cans thrown over the wall by passing Chavs.
See you soon...........


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