Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Sound of Silence

For various personal reasons this blog remains suspended. Indeed, it may join the thousands of ex-blogs but I won't delete it yet in case I wish to resume.
Personal reasons aside, over a year toiling at the blogging coal face is probably more than enough when there are so many more useful things one could be doing. And I'm sure we will one day look back on blogging as we now do on pogo sticks and hula hoops with amazement that we ever did it. Not that I ever owned a pogo stick or hula hoop, being usually resistant to passing fads.
For now, my best wishes to all my readers whose comments or simply presence in the site visit statistics has been much appreciated.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Parish Notice

Bear with me (as those people in call centres say).
Or bare with me (as people say at the kind of parties I don't get invited to).

It is hoped that a reduced service will resume shortly.
(I nearly said a 'skeleton service' but I'm not that fucking ill).

Oh, and to those of you who attach significance to the vagaries of calendars, a very happy new year to you.