Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Parish Notices

I have now corrected the typo 'missages' in the last paragraph of my last post. I think the unfamiliar experience of writing about women's bodies had a deleterious effect on my spelling.

Yesterday someone posted an anonymous comment saying they loved me to bits for a beautiful post. I couldn't find which old post they put it on. I checked the few that I was vain enough to think that someone might consider beautiful but without success. When Blogger emails you comments it doesn't tell you which post they're on. Anyway, thank you to that person. I'm glad you liked whatever it was.

That's all.
I hate Ricky Gervais even more now for getting me on to these topics. I'm getting too old for heated debates. I've had it up to here with teenagers, vaginas, cocks and consent laws. It's beginning to make me quite nauseous.
Tomorrow I might write about my garden with some pretty pictures.
Oh God, Alan Titchmarsh is always on about the sexiness of gardening.
You see - sex is everywhere.
Except when you fancy a bit.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Clare said...

My garden is a tip and I always used to keep forgetting to spend time in it. But one advantage of having a child is that it encourages you to leave the house and get out about - even if it's only because they've demanded that you have a picnic in the garden of an evening, instead of boring old tea round the table.

So come on then Willie, tell us about your garden!

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I found your post by using Google's site search. But I don't think you were being totally honest when you quoted them as saying they loved you "to bits" - I think they actually wrote "love you to death," so I was stumped for a while...

Here's how to find the post in question - Go to Google and type the following search string into their dialogue box:

"love you"

You'll find three or four entries only and one of them is "love you to death."

I love Google to bits !


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