Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy whatever..........

HAPPY CHRISTMAS...... all readers of my blog.
There have been more of you than a new kid on the block ever expected. As the year ends, it's nudging into the thousands rather than the hundreds. (Before any cyber-pedants question me, this refers to hits and is the seasonally-adjusted figure, verified by OFBLOG).
Greetings and thanks to all the fellow bloggers who have entertained me and given me glimpses of their diverse lives. It's been good to discover that among all the bastards in this world there are also people of sound views (i.e., the same as mine). And amongst all the crap blogs there are people who can actually write and entertain.
I'll try to expand my blogroll next year - I read many more than are currently listed and there are some to whom I owe a return link.

With such a dismal TV schedule, I suspect a lot of people may be writing and reading blogs over the coming week. We've already had the Shameless Christmas Special. The critics were lukewarm but I enjoyed it. Maybe it was just the joy of seeing the characters again. You wanted to give each of them a big hug. Christ, am I becoming sentimental in my old age?
E4 are showing the first series of Phoenix Nights, but if you're a fan you'll already have the video or DVD and have watched it dozens of times. By the way, it was revealed this week that The Simpsons team are fans, so how is it that some of our own countrymen didn't get it?

Good to see that Cardinal Murphy O'Connor is attacking the Iraq war in his Christmas sermon. But how odd that he's focusing on the monetary cost of the war rather than the human cost. Still, I haven't seen the full text yet so I better wait before giving him a good going over.

Family arriving soon, probably bearing the contents of my Amazon Wish List. If so, then Christmas isn't all bad.
The next episodes of The Adventures of Carlo Christmas Special will appear during the holiday period, subject to negotiations with the unions on overtime rates.
In the meantime, Carlo says: Maligayang Pasko!


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