Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not Quite The Nine O'Clock News

Flicking to BBC News 24 last night, I found the following caption at the bottom of the screen:
.....police have charged 5 people.....

What? Five?
Only five people after crimes against music and entertainment that have occurred annually for almost my entire lifetime?
Even so, wouldn't you have loved to be the copper who said: "Boom-Bang-A-Bang, you're nicked!"

But regular readers will have twigged that this was actually yet another cock-up in the BBC's captioning department.
The header should have been 'Rhys Jones Murder'.
Nobody noticed the mistake for a good ten minutes. They were either all in the pub or busy polishing Huw Edward's ego before the Ten O'Clock News.

BBC News has just spent £550,000 of our money on a new logo to be unveiled next week. An essential rebranding in a cluttered marketplace, we're told.
Maybe for just a fraction of that money the world's greatest broadcaster could have done something about the high volume of errors on 24 hour news. It often seems as though they're literally broadcasting from a stall in a cluttered marketplace, struggling to create the right caption from some sheets of Letraset.


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