Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bottling It

Geoff wrote recently about the joys of local authority recycling schemes.
If his area is anything like mine, he'll have to grapple with the fact that collections for different items all have different weekly collection cycles. This is a nightmare for the terminally confused - a group in which I have already been enrolled as an associate member.

My Council did produce a helpful leaflet of Questions and Answers.
One of the questions was "What is a plastic bottle?"
You might think the only possible answer could be: "A bottle made of plastic."
But no.
The answer given is: "Anything shaped like a bottle."
I have a ceramic vase that is shaped like a bottle. Indeed, I have several bottles that are shaped like a bottle but are made of glass. But they all meet the Council's definition of a plastic bottle.
One day I'm going to throw them in my special plastic bottle sack, armed with documentary justification written by the eco-gestapo themselves.
But so far I've bottled it.


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