Friday, August 05, 2005

Nanny Knows Best

Michael White does a profile of Home Office Minister Hazel Blears in today's Guardian. This is the woman I always describe as 'animatronic' so I was interested to see it's a perception shared by an anonymous politician who says: "........she seems to me to parrot the message in a machine-like fashion, to be inflexible in her responses and not to listen. Frequently she fails to see what it is all about." [she could try asking Alfie].
He concedes that she is "well-meaning" but that's the most damning thing you can say about anyone.

Blears herself says: "I have a burning desire to make the world a better place."
Oh My God. Put an electronic tag on her, quick.
It's not the aspiration I object to. It's the expression of it to a journalist in those terms, instead of the more modest 'I'd like to think I'd made some small contribution to improving society.'

And this is Blears talking about us, i.e., those people who do not have the good fortune to be Hazel Blears: ".....they'e capable of taking difficult decisions on complex issues if you give them information, back-up support and treat them sensibly."
Doesn't it give you a warm glow that she has so much faith in you, this passionate supporter of ASBOs and detention without trial?
Or are you more inclined to say: 'Get your smug, patronising, interfering nose out of my life, you bossy, ambitious, uncomprehending little bitch.'?


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