Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blears Alert

Oh dear. The Government are sending animatronic Home Office Minister Hazel Blears round the country to talk to Muslim communities. Clearly, New Labour Jargon is the new weapon in the War on Terror. Or possibly unclearly. Young, radical Muslims are to be rendered confused and comatose by talk of targets and benchmarks.

I think there may have been a software failure when Hazel Blears was on the Today programme this morning. Most questions got the answer "I'm not going to comment on specific cases." Possibly a scratched disk.

Then again, the Blears démarche to northern cities does have a certain synergistic logic to it. If you accept Sir Ian Blair's thesis that the suicide bombers belong to a network that most resembles a 'cult', then who better to engage with them than one of the spear carriers of the cult of New Labour?
The latter cult is controlled by Bin Blair who infiltrated an idealistic and peace-loving belief system, twisting and perverting its ideology into something that most of its followers totally reject, and whose religious beliefs legitimise the killing of thousands of innocent civilians in pursuit of his objectives.


Talking of Blair, we learn that in addition to resigning as PM before the next election, he will also stand down as an MP.
All kinds of noble reasons are said to be behind this move, including not cramping the style of PM Brown, the man he's been fighting for the past ten years.

But, as I pointed out on 3rd June, leaving the Commons is not without financial benefits.
When he stands down as an MP he'll get a 'resettlement grant' of £59,000. When he reaches 60, he'll also get his MP's pension of £39,900. (Most male public sector workers have to wait until 65 to get their superannuation).
These benefits are on top of his PM's pension of £62,400 and a 'redundancy payment' when he leaves No 10 of £31,000, even though nobody made him redundant and he chose to leave the job.

Most commentators seem to think it rather sordid to mention that these benefits might be a consideration for the famously avaricious Blairs.
Blair's biographer, Anthony Seldon, said this morning that Blair probably "wants to develop the moral and religious sides of his life."
Presumably those are the same moral and religious sides that allowed him to slaughter thousands of innocent..............see above, and countless previous posts.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger jomama said...

I see you take no Blair prisoners.

'Tis a fine and glorious occupation.

Well, I don't know about glorious.

At 4:13 PM, Blogger Willie Lupin said...

Well, it's an occupation.
Probably just as well he's going soon because I'm starting to repeat myself.


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