Friday, May 06, 2005

Election Blog (20)

Blair must have been shaken by his slashed majority because I heard him use the C word.
No, he wasn't talking about George Galloway.
He said 'many good comrades have fallen.'
That word has been banned from the New Labour lexicon for donkey's years.

Very interesting analysis by Andrew Marr this morning. If you take the number of hard line Labour rebels re-elected who are likely to vote with the Tories and Liberals on some controversial policies, Blair's real majority is only 13. According to Marr this means that Blair will struggle to pass legislation on things like identity cards.
So much the result that some of us wanted.

More later, or tomorrow, once I've had some sleep...................


At 9:17 PM, Anonymous graham said...

I heard that to,My God people will be thinking he's a socialist.Too late to save him though theknuves are being sharpened as we speak.
Throw back to when they got rid of Thatcher,Can't come quick enough


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