Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Heil Hamish

I've just about recovered from my attack of blogorrhea last night. Must have been something I ate. No, I know what it was. I was going to watch Uncle Adolf on ITV1 with Ken Stott playing Hitler but when I abandoned it I filled the unexpected hole in my schedule with a bit of blogging. Too much, actually.

Ken Stott is a powerful actor who always gives value for money and he made a wonderfully convincing Hitler. Visually. But I just couldn't get my head round a Hitler with a Scottish accent. So, chronic failure of suspension of disbelief. I feel rather guilty about it but, on the other hand, would Albert Finney's amazing portrayal of Churchill in The Gathering Storm have worked so well if he'd played Churchill with a Scouse accent?

What happened [Scottish readers should stop reading at this point] was that I drifted off into a flight of fancy about Hitler having been Scottish: the perils of goosestepping in a kilt......the Gestapo being trained to administer the Glasgow Kiss......the Hitler Youth on camping weekends in the Black Forest tossing the caber and keeping their strength up with Irn Bru and deep-fried Mars bars.........


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