Sunday, January 20, 2008

Media Charivari

Funniest Television Moment of The Week: Jon Snow's mis-pronunciation of the Geordie word "Howay" on Channel 4 News.

Most Bizarre Captioning Mistake of The Week: "Lord Oakeshott, Liberal Democrat spokesman" over a shot of an old Shanghai paddle steamer (BBC News 24).

Funniest News Report of the Week: the next series [of Grange Hill] will gradually move away from Grange Hill school and relocate to 'the Grange', a creative learning centre focused on multimedia technology (The Guardian).

Most Surreal TV Moment of the Week: actor and comedian (and former Cambridge physicist) Ben Miller talking about String Theory on Al Murray's comedy chat show (ITV1).

Looniest Academic Pronouncement of the Week: Dr Nick Bostrom, an Oxford philosopher, predicting a time when robots become so intelligent they will need to be granted the same rights as humans, including the right to own property, open a bank account and the right not to be turned off (The Guardian).

Most Misjudged Sound Effect of the Week: Coronation Street dubbing a tolling bell over the shot of Vera Duckworth leaving the street in a hearse, when no church bell has ever been heard on the street before.

Most Entertaining Weather Forecaster of the Week: (and every other week) Dan Corbett on BBC. "I know you're thinking: Go on Dan, pull the other one!" [I wasn't, actually] and "then, as it meets the cold air.....BOOM!" and "Brooooom! it comes! from the west!" Give the man a sound effects machine before he does himself a mischief. (Sunday, BBC News 24)


At 6:23 PM, Blogger cello said...

I love that your media diet consists of The Guardian and TV. What else do you need, frankly?

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Willie Lupin said...

What else, indeed?
That narrow diet at least proves I'm not really a media tart.
And of course I generally avoid commercial television :-)


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