Monday, December 03, 2007

Quite Shocking

I had the misfortune to catch the Archbish of Canterbury Rowan Williams' ramblings on homosexuality on the wireless the other day and I was deeply shocked. There could well have been young people listening and what kind of example was this man setting them?

I can still scarcely believe it but Rowan Williams pronounced 'homosexuality' with a long 'o' as in 'home'.
We have been led to believe that Williams is one of the most educated and intellectual men ever to dress up in an embroidered dress and pointy hat and head our established church.
Does he really not know that 'homosexuality' comes from the Greek word for 'same' and not the Latin word for 'man'?
That's why it's perfectly acceptable to call a woman homosexual if you don't want to call her a lezzer or dyke or a lady of the Sapphic persuasion.
The man should hang his beard in shame.

Note: if you wish to know the Bearded One's animadversions on this subject it was along the lines of: 'it's right that gay people should be treated equally by the law and be able to form loving relationships......blah, blah......but it's also right that the church should be able to condemn homosexuality as against scripture...blah, blah.......sinful......against God's wishes.....blah, blah......will that do? that intellectually coherent enough?........does anyone give a fuck?.....'


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